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Release plan

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August 2013
* Some users reported broken sound configurations for a number of aircraft due to stereo files []
* We still keep seeing issues due to aircraft developers contributing resources with files, file names, paths that would break support on OS with case-sensitive OS or a different locale, it would make sense to add some form of automated/scripted validation during startup to detect such issues, without requiring a manual review, possibly through [[Catalog metadata]] [] [] []
* the menubar is increasingly getting a little cluttered, especially the "debug" entry - given the inflexibility of PUI, this also means that there are usability issues, because certain menu items are only accessible with a certain minimal screen resolution, other items cannot be accessed easily. A short term suggestion made, was moving all "Reload X" items into a dedicated "reload" menu, and moving tools to a separate "tools" menu, so help reduce the size of the debug menu [] []

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