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Howto:Implement aerial refueling capability

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Updates for recent AAR improvements
* Radar is needed to check if you are close enough from the tanker
* Refuel The <refuel> properties defines ** what type of refueling you are capable of, (probe and drogue, or boom)** if your refuel system is ok to receive (use the serviceable property if you have a switch to open the refuel trap for example). ** the offset of the probe/trap from the aircraft model origin
* aar.nas is the actual system that checks the two above mentioned criteria and if both are true, refuels your tanks.
<serviceable type="bool">true</serviceable>
For the moment, flyable tankers are: KC135, victor and KC130 (in <tt>Aircraft/c130</tt>) if you need an example.
To add an AI refuelling aircraft, add it to AI/tankers.xml.
=== Serviceable option ===

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