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Eurocopter EC135

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Liveries made so far
[[File:EC135 Swedish Police.jpg||thumb|right|270px|New EC135 - "Swedish Police" made by Sanni]]
[[File:EC135 DRFAir Zermatt.jpg||thumb|leftright|270px|New EC135 - "DRFAir Zermatt" made by Sanni]]
[[File:EC135 Adebar16.jpg||thumb|right|270px|New EC135 - "Adebar 16"]]
[[File:EC135 Air Zermatt.jpg||thumb|left|270px|New EC135 - "Air Zermatt" by Sanni]]
[[File:EC135NEW2.jpg|thumb|right|270px|New EC135 - here the "Offshore"variant]]
[[File:EC135NEWBP.jpg|thumb|left|270px|New EC135 - here the converted "Bundespolizei"-livery by Sanni aka Tanja S.]]
[[File:EC135NEW1.jpg|thumb|right|270px|New EC135 - here the "Mountain rescue" variant]]
[[File:Ec135_LFLJ.jpg|thumb|left|270px|EC 135 "D-HECZ" (prototype) in FGFS 1.9.1 takes off above the clouds at Courchevel; see [[Flying the helicopter]] ]]
===Next upcoming version v1.0 (2013)currently in own repo on gitorious.org===
* seperate AI model to keep mp-users happy NEXT TASK: SOMEWHERE IN 2013
* and more to come....
== Livery List==
German Bundespolizei
Air Zermatt
ADAC D-HDEC ( The one after this is made)
Polizei Brandenburg
DRF (German Flightrescue)- Thanks for supporting Sanni making this livery!
French Gendemarie
BMI (Federal Ministry for Interior) - Rescue helicopter
Polisen (Swedish Police)
Police Hamburg
Police Innsbruck (Austrian Police)
SHS (Austrian Rescue Helicopter based in Kufstein, Zell am See, Kaltenbach...)
Suffolk Police
White Default
Download link -just for preview:

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