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Eurocopter EC135

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[[File:Ec135_LFLJ.jpg|thumb|right|270px|EC 135 "D-HECZ" (prototype) in FGFS 1.9.1 takes off above the clouds at Courchevel; see [[Flying the helicopter]] ]]
===Next upcoming version v1.0 (2013)currently in own repo on gitorious.org===
* and more to come....
Download link published available when cockpit is usuable (CAD and VEMD showing values)-just for preview:
* after that:
- conversion to EC 635 (needs some changes on exterior and interior model)
=== Actual version: v.0.6 (EC135-Repo on gitorious.org) ===
* fixes wrong rotorshaft tilt in fdm
* some bugfixes on fuselage
* sound fixed
very next To-Do:
* rotor model and animation
* bugfixing on windscreen
* instruments finishing
=== Actual version: v.0.5 (FGFS 2.6.0 release) ===
* better fps-perfomance while changing liveries
=== Actual version: v.0.4 (FGFS 1.9.1 release) ===
This is a complete rebuild of the ec135 with a much better exterior
model It is currently a work in progress, so a lots of things can be
broken now, but it should be not worser to fly than in the last version.
* complete new exterior with added antennas and other mounting parts(search lights, cameras)
* glas shader with fresnel effect
* variants changing over mp
* better texture mapping so it should be easy to make your own livery
Currently in Progress at this date:
* replacing the panels and adding the digital version with a nearly photorealistic one!
* adding the overhead
* making it all clickable and working from the cockpit
* better interior : EMS and VIP-version
* remade D-HECZ-Livery
* mapped ec135 with D-HECZ-Livery
* added ADAC Chr. 23-Livery made with photorealistic parts like Fenestron and Logos- still some things missing like lines
* added phtorealistic textures to exhaust and rails
* adding and finishing the missing liveries like the OEAMTC, G-SASA, Bavarian Police
* adding the high skid model
=== Actual version: v.0.2 ===
* fully new made 3D-model - matching real good to the real one
* improved interior with stick and pedals
* changed variants: ADAC Chr. 31 "Berlin", D-HECZ "second prototype", ÖAMTC Christopherus 1
* improved cockpit with half analog IFR-panel
* HSI is now working, working VOR
* GSDI selectable
* improved and more detailed main rotor with incidence animation
* Fenestron now with the correct configuration of the blades: 1-4-1-4
* dynamic flight model now with the correct position of the CG
* added frontlight, retractable landinglight, strobes with the correct frequency, beacon with the correct frequency
* rotor brake system now working
* adding antennas and other mounting parts (search lights, cameras)
* fully clickable [[cockpit]] (half-analog and digital)
* complete light function
* variants with radardome
* variants with high-skid
* much more (international)variants!
* realistic dynamic flight model
* mainrotors much more detailed
* animation of the fenestron blades (incidence)
* sound still could be improved
* adding pilots figures
=== Actual version: v.0.1 ===
* first 3d-model of an ec135
* first try of an ec135-flight dynamic model
* livery changing
* two version: ADAC and Bavarian Police
* first version of the half analog cockpit
* doors to open
* better quality of the 3d-model
* full mainrotor animation
* better Fenestron
* improve cockpit, implementing a working HSI
* clean up the xml-files
* improve soundsystem
* realistic dynamic flight model
* selectable GSDI
* implementing rotor brake system
* more variants
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