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Command line options

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The following lists show the options for ''fgfs'' including a short description and sorted by categories. Please have in mind that keeping those lists up to date on the wiki is not an easy task. Also there are different versions of FlightGear out there which don't share exactly the same options. Therefore you better also check your versions ones with <code>fgfs --help --verbose</code>. If this command fails, you may add the option <code>--fg-root=[path]</code> as well, see below.<br />
It is sad but true, not even this command is, at least in Git, up to date all the time. At the time of writing at least one option which is supported is not shown with <code>fgfs --help --verbose</code>. So if you have serious issues with an option, the source code is, as always, also the best source for info. In the file ''src/Main/options.cxx'' all the options are listed with their hard coded ''default'' setting and type.<br />
The file [[$FG_ROOT]]/options.xml is used to generate the output for <code>fgfs --help [--verbose]</code>. That's the reason why <code>--fg-root=[path]</code> has to be added to this, if it is not set as environmental variable or as option in fgfsrc.
--fg-root=path Specify the root data path
--fg-scenery=path[:path...] Specify the base scenery path;
Defaults to [[$FG_ROOT]]/Scenery
(--language=code Select the language for this session
*Not* supported in 1.9.1 and Git atm!)
--enable-hud-3d Enable 3D HUD
--ai-scenario=scenario Add and enable a new scenario. Multiple options
are allowed. Scenarios are in /[[$FG_ROOT]]/AI/.

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