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Eurocopter EC135

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Todays state
== Development status/Issues/Todo ==
[[File:EC135 P2 Cockpit.jpg|thumb|right|270px|(02/1627/2013) EC135 P2 photorealistic Cockpit with analog flight instruments. VNE-Table, Overhead panel and many other details done as well as some important center console pedestal avionics, hooks for . Unfortunately the helmets, rotor brake lever GNS430 and overhead panel still missing GTX430 are not working yet. Now it needs to connect the switches to the electrical system. FDM is finally tuned to POH and matches climbrates AEO and OEI and airspeed in about 90% all of conditions. :-) Needs to tune the rotor to the guessed behavior ]]
[[File:EC135 Swedish Police.jpg||thumb|right|270px|New EC135 - "Swedish Police" made by Sanni]]

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