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Scripted Compilation on Linux Debian/Ubuntu

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The script by default (without any option) will only compile FlightGear and Fgrun. To make it compile all, you need to launch the script with the ''ALL'' parameter. i.e.:
sh ./download_and_compile.sh ALL
This will only update FGFS
sh ./download_and_compile.sh FGFS UPDATE
Even if the script fetches data and sources from bleeding edge developers repositories (which sometimes do not compile), you can still force the script to download latest known versions of the software that were compiling successfully by adding the -s option.
sh ./download_and_compile.sh -s
For example, if you are a developer and wish to quickly recompile and reinstall only your own modifications for FlightGear do this:
sh ./download_and_compile.sh -p n -d n -r n FGFS

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