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Changelog 2.10

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'''Atmospheric Light Scattering'''
[[File:Light_scattering_dec12_05.jpg|thumb|400px|F-14b over the alps at dusk]]
[[Atmospheric light scattering]] is an alternative rendering framework, using exceptionally realistic environment-dependent fog and light computations for clouds and terrain. The simulation includes the following lighting models.
''' Usability '''
[[File:Joystick Configuration Dialog.jpg|thumb|400px|Joystick Configuration GUI]]
Improving FlightGear's usability has been a focus for a number of developers for this release. Changes include:
'''Canvas System'''
[[File:Airport-selection-dialog.png|thumb|400px|Airport Selection dialog, using Canvas to render the airport diagram]]
The "canvas" system is FlightGear's fully scriptable 2D rendering system, which makes it possible for users to easily create new instruments, HUDs and even dialogs and custom GUI widgets using FlightGear's built-in scripting language [[Nasal]] (which looks really similar to JavaScript). The Canvas can also be used for the creation of complex glass cockpit displays like navigational displays and other MFDs, none of this requires rebuilding FlightGear from source or writing C++ code.
[[File:Fgfs-rembrandt-old-timer.jpg|thumb|400px|Rembrandt old film style]]
* The [[Project Rembrandt|Rembrandt renderer]] has been extended with a number of post-processing filters:

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