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Release plan

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** I also vote for hosting a non-GPL hangar on the FG site, and tighter coordination with the aircraft developers (I think they should be asked to actively propose their models to the hangar once it is created, of course there could be link to their site/hangar). It would help nice models to be more easily found, an more people could enjoy them. And that's why people spend time creating them, right? []
** We should probably add a new menu to the menubar for our online resources (wiki, forum, issue tracker, FAQ) so that people more easily find important resources just by selecting them from a menu.
** The since in 2.8 the numeric keypad-support is broken, the way text input ignores the keypad on Mac is annoying, but the really ugly part is the total failure of copy/paste in the chat dialog. []
* '''Release Candidates''':

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