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Changelog 2.10

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Updates from James
* An in-sim documentation browser is included, so users can more easily browse all the documentation available in the base package.
* The weather configuration UIs have been combined and rationalized into a single Weather UI, making it easier to select a nice VFR day, or a difficult CATIII approach.
* AI tankers Flight path can now be found using displayed on the HUD target markerin-sim Map.* Instant replay may now be saved as a flight recorder, edited externally to add a commentary, and then replayed as a tutorial, with the user able to take control at any point.* Multiplayer setup dialog now includes a dynamically generated list of active MP servers, making it even easier to take part in FlightGear's worldwide multi-player environment. 
''' Internationalization '''
* System messages on startup are available in eight languages, just like the in-sim menu.
''' Scripting (Nasal) Flight Planning and Route Manager '''
* Route Manager now has better support for Navigraph procedures.* Auto-generated SIDs and STARs are available for airports where real procedure data is not available. This generates plausible straight in approach and terminal waypoints based on the route course.* The "flightplan" Nasal extension function has been improved, making it possible to retrieve a hash representation of the flight plan stored in the route manager. It is now possible to directly show a SVG image for each waypoint and connect them using OpenVG paths.
'''Canvas System'''
*** Film wear simulation
* Additional aircraft have been updated to make use of Rembrandt effects.
'''AI Improvements'''
* AI aircraft take-offs and landings are now more realistic.
* AI tankers can now be found using the HUD target marker.
'''Highlighted new and improved aircraft'''
TODO* The Douglas A-4F Skyhawk has an improved FDM and cockpit, including terrain-clearance radar and navigational computer.

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