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Eurocopter EC135

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[[File:Ec135_LFLJ.jpg|thumb|right|270px|EC 135 "D-HECZ" (prototype) in FGFS 1.9.1 takes off above the clouds at Courchevel; see [[Flying the helicopter]] ]]
===Next upcoming version v1.0 (probably FGFS 3.0.0 Release2013)===
* new 3d-model more accurate and detailed DONE!* latest shader (bumpspec-reflection and glasshader) DONE!* new, much more accurate fdm close to POHPilot Operations handbook NEEDS FINE TUNING (rotor behaviour, climb rates)* more different configurations possible- lowskid, midskid and highskid, different sandfilter, different radomes etc... DONE!* influence of configurations on weight and CoG based Pilot Operations handbook COMPLETION HOPEFULLY AROUND FEBRUARY/ MARCH* one single texture file - old liveries can be converted DONE!* many different liveries DONE! Thanks to Sanni!* finally a complete flightdeck with photorealistic analog panelCOMPLETION HOPEFULLY AROUND FEBRUARY/ MARCH* and of course completely Rembrandt compatible! DONE!
* and more to come....
Download published available when cockpit is usuable
* after that:
- Digital Panel
- conversion to EC 635 (needs some changes on exterior and interior model)
=== Actual version: v.0.6 (EC135-Repo on gitorious.org) ===

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