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FlightGear Newsletter December 2012

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FGUK's Saturday Night Flights
The chance to hone some slightly rusty skills came the following week, with a theme surround a single aircraft, and one which is both famously capable and notoriously tricky to handle - the physics-defying BaE Harrier. As one of the great British aircraft of all time, the Harrier is well represented in the FGUK hangar and the pilots had several incarnations to choose from for this high-speed, low-level, cross-continental mission from Chile to Port Stanley. Planned and led by N-SCOT, the flight plan had some tricky twists, including employing the Harrier's ace card feature: its ability to operate away from traditional flight infrastructure, in this case, a beach refueling. One vertical take-off later, and the squadron was skimming the waves, headed southeast for Stanley at 200ft AGL. Reports that the first round in the Victory public house was purchased by StuartC are apparently without substance.
''Still to come: A rainy flight in the Lakes, planned events for December, and how to get involved.''
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