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Eurocopter EC135

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}}This is an model of the '''Eurocopter EC135''', a light twin-engine, multi-mission [[helicopter]].
[[Eurocopter]] has two version of it:
* '''EC 135 P2i''': PRATT and WHITNEY PW 206B2 turbine engine with 743 PS (horsepower).
* '''EC 135 T2i''': TURBOMECA Arrius 2B2 turbine engine with 706 PS.
The EC 135 descends from the MBB Bo 108. The Bo 108 was a demonstration prototype for fly-by-wire and has it's descent from the famous Bo 105.
When the Eurocopter company was founded, the Bo 108 came with. Eurocopter decided that there was a marketplace for such a helicopter and the development went on. From the French partners it got the fenestron, from MBB the hingeless rotor. The fenestron makes it very hard for dangerous situations in the range of the tail rotor and reduces the noise level about 50% to other helicopters. That's why the EC 135 is a highly recommended helicopter for EMS and the police, especially in Europe but also in the USA, Japan and other states.
The model includes the German ADAC version, the Austrian ÖAMTC version, the Dutch ANWB (Lifeliner) version and the EC135-prototype version as default.
== Development status/Issues/Todo ==

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