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Writing Joystick Code: Part 4

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Now th the joystick will work with all operating systems.
Unfortunately, there is no fixed relationship between axis numbering in the operating susyemssystems, and the information must be garnered form experieneceexperience. Fortunately, the button numbering doesn't change.
Hat win 6 unix 4 mac 4 # Left/right
Hat win 7 unix 5 mac 5 # Up/down
Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System
Aileron win ? unix 0 mac 0
Elevator win ? unix 1 mac 1
Rudder win ? unix 5 mac 2
Throttle win ? unix 2 mac 3
Throttle Top Rotary Dial win ? unix 4 mac 4
Throttle Bottom Rotary Dial win ? unix 3 mac 5
Throttle Slider win ? unix 6 mac 6
Bottom Stick Hat win ? unix 7 mac 7
Top Stick Hat win ? unix 8 mac 8
I have listed this because the mac axis numbers are newly available'
As you can see, win numbers still missing. The ones I have are just a guess.

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