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FlightGear Git on Mac OS X

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=== Using Xcode for compilation ===
You can add -G Xcode to above cmake statements to let cmake create the needed xcode project files. Open the created .xcodeproj files and build it using ⌘ + B or choosing the menu Product=>Build. You may need to set the build target "ALL_BUILD>My Mac 64-bit" or what ever your target is and the configuration in the menu Product=>"Edit Scheme" where you can set the build configuration to "Debug" or "Release" under the "Run" tab. Once successfully compiled you need to install the build on the terminal since the standard target location of the files need root privileges. So change directory to your osg, simgear or flightgear git directory containing the .xcodeproj file and execute the command "sudo xcodebuild -target install -configuration Release". The -configuration depends on what you last built usually Release though. Choosing Choose -target uninstall to uninstall all related files.
=== Finish and Testrun ===

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