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Push your changes to your clone on Gitorious
: '''Source branch:''' master, next or whatever
Next select the commits you would like to include in your merge request and click "Create merge request".
Note that it usually doesn't suffice to just send a merge request (unfortunately), but that you'll often also need to "ping" 1-3 core developers who have previously worked with the subsystems affected by the patch (and send a reminder once in a while).
It makes sense to watch the forums/mailing lists or just the git history to see which developers are currently active. To get a list of people who have previously worked with the affected subsystems/files, just take a look at the commit log of the corresponding files and get in touch with the developers via the devel list or forum.
Also, it may help to send a follow-up (merge request review) via the issue tracker here:
=== Commit the changes into the GIT ===

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