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More Airports regularly providing ATC
Since a while, there are regular ATC sessions at [[EDDF]], hosted by the user Jomo who also acts as TC.
Everybody is - of course - welcome to the sessions and the users are all willing to help a new user, but just flying around
uncontrolled while people try to accomplish serious training, is not very polite.<br>
During EDDF-ATC we communicate basically in English (and hopefully more and more over [[FGCOM]]!).
On request (or when we deem it necessary) we can provide the basic ATC-Commands also in writing for: German, French, Spanish,
Polish, Portuguese, and hopefully soon for more and more languages! (Sorry: But you still have to reply in "something like English"!).<br>
* [ General EDDF-ATC information on Jomo's website]
* [ EDDF parking plan and other documents]
== More Airports regularly providing ATC ==
* [[Konrad Adenauer Airport|Köln Bonn Airport]]
* [[Leipzig/Halle Airport]]
* Luxembourg Airport
* [[Warsaw Chopin Airport]]

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