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Leipzig/Halle Airport

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=== Download ===
* TerraSync has it all! Updates during redesigning process 2012 are published every week on TerraSync.
=== Development 2012 ===
Since the Scenery had been modelled by [[User:D-79|D-79]] in 2010, Thomas Großberger and [[User:August|August Geyler]] started enhancements and redesigning in 2012. Improvements are made on the following objects:
'''Layout'''<br />
* Taxiway bridges: new Position, improved lightening ''(published 07/2012)''
* New 850-standard: new Layout with all parking positions and improved ''(under development)''
'''Scenery (Shared Models)'''<br />
'''Buildings and Infrastructure (Static Models)'''<br />
* Terminal C ''(published 08/2012)''
* Luggage Terminal ''(under development)''
* DHL-tanks ''(under development)''
* Visual Docking Guiding System ''(publishing)''
* Storage buildings at DHL-area ''(under development)''
* Turbo engine hall ''(pre-development)''

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