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TerraGear GUI

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| developedby = Gijs de Rooy (original by Alex Park)
| initialrelease = March 24, 2009 (original)<br>March 27, 2010
| latestrelease = 0.9.x (April 28, 2012)
| writtenin = C++ (Qt)
| os = Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
===== Elevation =====
[[File:HGT tiles example.png|thumb|An example of HGT file tiles.]]
Elevation files are optional, but of course required to generate scenery with elevation offsets (even flat countries like the Netherlands need elevation data, since no country is completely at sealevel. Simply select a data source and then click the button to download the HGT files that span your specified area. They'll The original source is, but a cleaned variant of the same data is available from (see [ the readme] for more information). The data will be saved in in <tt>{project's directory}/data/SRTM-3</tt>.
Downloading tiles by hand is somewhat tricky. If your scenery has a boundary of:

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