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Release plan

No change in size, 12:14, 4 September 2012
* {{Thumbs down}} [ Broken OSX downloads]
* {{Thumbs down}} [ the OSX 10.8 release and code signing caused some irritation]
* {{Thumbs down}} [ After the 2.8 release a number of users on the forums reported seeing GLSL related errors, because some of the 2.8 shaders used GLSL features only supported by more recent GLSL compilers/drivers - it would probably make sense to test all shader settings on all 3 platforms and check if they cause any errors (and "backport" shaders as necessary). Apple/Mac OSX seems to be more problematic.]
* {{Thumbs down}} [ Microsoft Redistributables were apparently not shipped with the Windows installer ?]
* {{Thumbs down}} [ The changelog should be written as early as possible]

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