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FlightGear Git

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==== fgdata.bundle ====
For the FlightGear-data there are bundles is a [ git-bundle] (snapshotssnapshot) available that can be retrieved with your favourite download manager. This way you can resume interrupted downloads. After unpacking the [ fgdata.bundle] only a comparatively small amount of data has to be transferred from the git server to synchronize your repository.
Download Get the [ fgdata.bundle from $ wget .torrent] ([ tracker]) or [ The bundle may be periodically updated and bundles from different sources need not be the samedownload] it ([ The file size for the above bundle dated 2011-12-13 is almost 4GB :-), while the .md5 checksum is $ md5sum md5]|[ 145f4e190fd1a02fd75c1d508b8c2ec3 .sha1 sha1]|[  '''''Caution:''''' If a bundle is updated, the checksum changes!.sha512 sha512]).
Do the following steps to extract the bundle and bring the repository up to date:

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