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Airbus A340

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Development status/Issues/Todo
=== Status ===
As of February March 1, 2008, the following items have been completed:
* Fuselage surface defined.
* Upper Horizontal and lower vertical stabilizers have taken shape, and work on control surfaces of the wings have been definedcan be started at any time.* Models The basic shape of passenger doors have been completed.* Surfaces of horizontal and vertical stabilizers have been definedthe wings is done, along with the winglets.
In the cockpit, instruments on the front panel as well as the pedestal have mostly been completed.
* Belly fairing.
* Control surfaces are awaiting to be cut.
* Cutouts need to be made on the fuselage for doors and windows.
* Engine nacelles and pylons needed to be created.
* Fillets and Chamfers will be needed for the joins between the vertical stabilizer and the tail cone.
* Flap track fairings.
* Landing gears needed to be created.
* Wings, horizontal and vertical stabilizers need to be converted into solids before work on control surfaces can begin.

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