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FlightGear Newsletter April 2012

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Random Buildings
=== Random Buildings ===
[[File:Random buildings in San Francisco.jpg|thumb|Random buildings in SF]]
In an effort to improve the scenery in cities, towns and villages with minimal impact to framerate, Stuart has been working on automatically generated "random buildings". The idea is to have FG itself generate buildings with randomized size, shape and texture in a very efficient manner, and builds on the work that he and Tim Moore did on random vegetation a couple of years ago. This is now available in git.
Building generation is configurable through materials.xml, and documented in Docs/README.materials. It is designed to be flexible enough that we can have different types of cities in Europe compared with the USA, or Africa. The current texture used for the buildings is a proof of concept, and rather limited by Stuart's artistic abilities. If anyone is interested in creating a better texture, please get in touch with Stuart on the mailing list or forums.
One of the main aims of this work is to minimize frame-rate impact. If you are running git, and have the time to test the new feature, please fill in this [[Filehttp:Random buildings in San Francisco//www.jpg|thumb|Random buildings in SF] poll]on the forums so we can gather information on whether it has succeeded.
=== Mailing list digest ===

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