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Pinzgauer Spaziergang

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a thermal howto
After your entry at the Schmittenhoehe, follow the chain of mountain peaks to the west. You should be able to enter the next thermal easily. Be careful when at the Paß Thurn summit. Don't leave your lift to early, because your next chance is far away (but it can be done).
You can go west until you reach Gerlos and the Krimml waterfalls. From here on, look for you next thermal in the south - your entry to the Großvenediger followed by Großglockner in the east. Here you might go up to more than 11,000ft and you might want to wear your oxygen mask there. Finish your route at the Kitzsteinhorn and make your final landing at Zell am See airport again.
== A 1 minute HOWTO for flying thermals ==
This is a very short introduction to gaining altitude using a thermal lift.
Search the sky! Thermals are usually invisible but sometimes they have a nice cumulus cloud as a cap. Fly with the speed of best glide straight to that cloud and check your vertical speed indicator (VSI). When you hit the thermal lift, your VSI slowly moves from negative values to zero and probably indicates climb. Maintain your airspeed and monitor the VSI. Fly straight, as long as the rate of climb (ROC) increases. When the ROC decreases, make a shallow turn to the left or right (your choice) keeping a constant airspeed and monitor the VSI while turning.
* When your ROC decreases, turn steeper (higher bank angle).
* When your ROC increases, turn shallower (lower bank angle).
* When your ROC is constant, maintain your bank angle.
You might slow down to the airspeed of the minimum sink rate.
Once you can't gain any more altitude or reach the cloud base, proceed to the next cloud.
- Enjoy -

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