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English Electric Lightning

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[[File{{:Airrefuelingready.png]]{{infobox Aircraft|name =English Electric Lightning F.1A|image =Lightning_F.1A.jpg|type =Interceptor|livery =|fdm = JSBSim|status = Production|authors =AJ MacLeod|download =}}/#Lightninginfo}}
The '''English Electric Lightning''' is a supersonic jet [[:Category:Military aircraft|fighter]] [[aircraft]] of the Cold War era, remembered for its great speed and unpainted natural metal exterior finish. It is the only all-British Mach 2 fighter aircraft. Renowned for its capabilities as an interceptor, RAF pilots described it as "being saddled to a skyrocket". English Electric was later incorporated into the British Aircraft Corporation, later marks being developed and produced as the '''BAC Lightning'''.
== Aircraft help ==
{| class="prettytablekeytable"
|{{key press|d}}
|Deploy braking chute
|{{key press|Ctrl-|b}}
|Toggle airbrakes
|{{key press|Ctrl-|s}}
|Toggle autothrottle
|{{key press|Ctrl-|j}}
|Jettison ventral tank
|{{key press|l}}
|Select squadron markings
|{{key press|R}}
|Radar close-up view (hold key down)
|{{key press|u}}/{{key press|U}}
|Adjust seat (requires DC power)
== Airplane of the Week/Month ==
A nice thing to try (although clearly not by the book) is to approach the airstrip in a fairly flat trajectory and then apply the drag chute just before reaching the airstrip while the plane is still in the air. If timed correctly, the plane touches down as it should and decelerates almost immediately - the effect is almost as spectacular as catching a wire on a carrier.
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