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Howto:Use the system monitor

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Debugging stuttering
To test if it's a graphics performance issue, you'd do a couple of tests.:
First load up the ufo, oevr over detailed scenery, remain static, don't move the view around. Check framerate and frame delay. If they're consistent with each other it might be a graphics performance issue, if not you can be sure there's some other subsystem that does background processing and needs to finish it's its stuff.
Move the view around, do you get stutters? If you do, then there's some pressure on your video card's RAM. As it needs to load the new geometry and textures that come into view, it might not have enough space left, so it might need to offload the "old" ones. Even like this framerate should stabilise once you stop moving the view around, or once the rate of movement is slow enough so that the video card can keep up.

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