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Howto:Use the system monitor

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Debugging stuttering
= Debugging stuttering =
To put it simple, vertex shader performance is affected by the amount of detail visible in the geometry of scene (number of vertices visible), and of course shader complexity itself, while fragment performance is affected by screen resolution(or widow window size if you run it windowed) and shader complexity as well. They both affect framerate in the end, since the frame needs to be finished before being put up for display.
Frame delay might be affected by a lot of other stuff, but it's a better measure of smoothness since it displays the "longest" time it had to wait for a frame in a certain amount of time.
There might be some performance lost in high detail scenes, due to the culling (visibility check, and hiding of faces facing away from the camera, or being behind other faces, or too small to display (openscenegraph is smart about that one and it won't "display" faces/parts of objects that would end up too small)) that needs to be done on the scene before it goes through the shaders.

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