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FlightGear Newsletter February 2012

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FlightGear on FSBreak
== Community news ==
=== FlightGear on FSBreak ===
Two of FlightGear's developers, Stuart and Curt were interviewed on one of this month's episodes of [ FSBreak], recorded on 25th February. FSBreak is a flight simulator podcast that discusses recent flight sim developments and reviews. The hosts, Eric and Brendan, spent almost an hour taking about the project with Curt and Stuart. While most of the content won't be new to readers of this newsletter, it was a great way to promote FlightGear 2.6.0 to the wider flight simulation community. (At time of writing  You can watch the new episode (at [ had still to be published)-we-talk-flightgear-and-accufeel-released.html this link].
=== FlightGear on YouTube ===

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