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Cessna C310

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|status =production
|authors = David Megginson (maintained by Stuart Buchanan)
|fgname = c310</tt> (alias for <tt>c310u3a</tt>), <tt>c310-ifr</tt> (IFR panel), <tt>c310-yasim</tt> (YASim), <tt>c310dpm-3d</tt> (civilian), <tt>c310u3a</tt> (YASim), <tt>c310u3a-jsbsim</tt> (JSBSim)
== Development status/Issues/Todo ==
* no pilot or co pilot present
* cockpit window has missing windscreen wipers
* aircraft is not set on the correct elevation when starting flightsgear, lowest part of the aircraft is approximately 0.40 m below the ground
* flightgear is often crashing with this airplane
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