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FlightGear Newsletter February 2012

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Photographic scenery
=== Photographic scenery ===
Photographic scenery for selected places in the US is now available at http://fgphotoscenery.square7.ch . The covered regions currently include San Francisco Bay, Yosemite NP, Grand Canyon NP, Lake Powell, Sedona, Miami, Everglades NP and Key Largo. The scenery has been created from the public domain imagery courtesy of the [http://www.usgs.org U.S. Geological Survey], has a resolution of about 3m/pixel (10ft/pixel) and is released under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). In total, more than 1.3GB of imagery are ready for download. Videos of UFO flights through the photographic senery scenery are available in the [http://fgphotoscenery.square7.ch#gallery gallery].
In order to be able to load the photographic scenery into flightgear, the program has to be compiled from source and the patch developed by Benoît Laniel for the Brest photographic scenery has to be applied. Step-by-step [http://fgphotoscenery.square7.ch#installation installation instructions] for this process are provided.

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