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FlightGear Newsletter February 2012

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Scenery corner
So, here they are: .
We also remind you that, to add, edit or delete shared model positions (apart from mass import (that is if you have more than let's say 10 lines to add), you should use our webtools at .
=== Object-masking and improved materials ===
For a long time, FlightGear has had the ability to place random objects on the scenery. Previously, these objects were placed completely randomly based on a specific density for the material, defined in materials.xml. This didn't look particularly realistic as the placement never matched the underlying texture. Now object and trees can be placed using a "mask", so buildings will only appear where the texture shows buildings, and trees only in green spaces. Additionally, placement is controlled so that random buildings won't overlap with other random buildings, and buildings don't overlap onto adjacent piece of scenery. This makes the random objects appear more realistic, and moves FG one step closer to the auto-gen scenery of MSFS and X-Plane. Further details can be found in fgdata/Docs/README.materials.
In addition to this, the materials.xml and materials-dds.xml files have been restructured to make them more maintainable, fixing a number of bugs in the process.
=== Shanghai Skylines: FG's New (not-so-)Hidden Gem ===

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