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Changelog 2.6.0

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Some of the major changes include:
* To reduce stuttering during model loading and take further advantage of multi-core CPUs, MP and AI aircraft models are now loaded in a background thread.
* To reduce load times still further, only the parts of the aircraft currently visible are loaded from disk.
* AI and multiplayer aircraft are no longer silent objects, they can produce sounds just like the main aircraft.
'''AI Traffic'''
* Individual graphics effects can now be configured from within the Rendering Settings dialog, allowing you to fine-tune the performance of FlightGear within the sim.
* The simulation of radio signal propagation has started and will make the reception of ATC messages and navigation aids more realistic in the future.
* A new set of options makes it easier to create seamless and zoomable multi screen setups.
* A new performance monitor shows the time spent in each subsystem.
'''Project infrastructure'''
* CMake is now the only build system on Linux, Mac and Windows
'''Scenery improvements'''

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