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Project Rembrandt

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Guidelines for modelers:
== Guidelines for modelers ==
=== Porting aircraft ===
* Rembrandt computes shadows => no more fake shadows in the model
* Rembrandt computes ambient occlusion => no ambient occlusion baked into textures
* Rembrandt has light => static lightmap are not needed, emissive color to see models at night is not needed and would interfere
* Rembrandt has glow => incorrectly used emissive colors may blur displays and make some text unreadable. Light size may have to be adjusted
* Rembrandt has strict needs with shaders => shaders need to be adjusted to comply with the new framework otherwise the view will be plain wrong
* Rembrandt can't do transparent surfaces => transparent surface need to be properly registered to render them with the classical path
=== Registering all translucent surfaces ===

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