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Building FlightGear - Linux

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Compiling FlightGear is not a task for novice users. Thus, if you're a beginner (we all were once) on a platform which binaries are available for, we recommend postponing this task and just starting with the binary distribution to get you flying.
openSUSE also provides binary packages of the latest development version, which are continuously updated. You can simply add the following URL to your ''YaST Software Repositories'': Follow [ (for other &package=fgrun this link] to select your openSUSE versionsversion and install, replace the "12.1" appropriately)or manually add ''games:FlightGear:Unstable'' to your ''YaST Software Repositories''.
Or if you develop on Ubuntu or Debian, consider trying the script described in [[Scripted Compilation on Linux Debian/Ubuntu]].

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