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Project Rembrandt

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*<del>Draw transparent objects with forward rendering (may need to capture the transparent bin from the geometry stage and move it in the display stage)</del> (OK - needs model contribution)
*<del>Add spotlights as animations (nearly finished)</del>
*<del>find a solution for ambient and emissive color of material (may need an additional buffer)</del>*implement strength of glow (in the emissive buffer alpha channel)**provide levels 0 to 5 - we are currently at level 5**level 0 should be ok for MFDs that are currenly unreadable because blurred*Provide a shader for transparent objects that could render to the emissive buffer too (using MRT)*Use stencil buffer to limit light range**needed for cockpit light to implement fake shadows and avoid lighting the runway from the cabin through the airframe*Use effect system instead of hard-coded shaders(mostly done)
*Convert existing shaders to deferred rendering
**Modify shadows to allow multiple casters (limited list)
**Implement a priority list of light sources, based on priority and distance from the viewer
**<del>Add new animation to link a light source to a model</del> (need to provide point light animation duplicating spot light)
*Tidy up the architecture
*Restore depth partitioning using depth ranges

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