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Professional and educational FlightGear users

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Companies: ActiveFly
* FlightGear was used by '''Pragolet s.r.o.''' in a motion platform based flight simulator of light and ultra-light sports aircraft. <ref>http://www.pragolet.cz/clanky/flight_simulator_of_light_and_ultralight_aircraft.html</ref>
* '''ATC Flight Simulator Company''' builds FAA approved flight simulators, that use FlightGear for the visuals.<ref>http://www.atcflightsim.com/index</ref>
* '''ActiveFly''' has a worldwide unique paragliding simulator. FlightGear is used to provide the visuals. "In order to make practicing with the ActiveFly Simulator as realistic as possible, the harness as well as the risers and brakes are suspended below a frame in such a way that they can be operated"<ref>http://www.activefly.com</ref>
** [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFcHebPaiEs Video] (YouTube)
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