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Professional and educational FlightGear users

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FAA approved simulators
* '''NASA/Ames Human Centered System Lab''' - 737NG full scale cockpit simulator developed by [http://www.lfstech.com LFS Technologies]. FlightGear provides visuals for four large screen wrap around displays, improved turbo-fan math models, detailed fuel system models, and extendable network interface to cockpit displays and electronics. <ref>http://human-factors.arc.nasa.gov/ihi/hcsl/publications.html</ref>
* FlightGear was used by '''Pragolet s.r.o.''' in a motion platform based flight simulator of light and ultra-light sports aircraft. <ref>http://www.pragolet.cz/clanky/flight_simulator_of_light_and_ultralight_aircraft.html</ref>
* '''ATC Flight Simulator Company''' builds FAA approved flight simulators, that use FlightGear for the visuals.<ref>http://www.atcflightsim.com/index</ref>
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