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Gimbal Project

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<p>Back in May 2009 I had spent some time tossing ideas back and forth with a nice
gent by the name of Jentron on the #flightgear IRC channel (<a href="irc://irc.flightgear.org">irc).flightgear.org<br/a>).&nbsp;
We were discussing the various methods that could be used to create a very
inexpensive gimbal assembly for pitch &amp; roll control in a home built flight
<br/>Two &quot;fancy&quot; tools are going to be required to build this project.&nbsp; </p>
* 1 Step Drill.&nbsp; This is used to enlarge the end holes in the single-gang extender box.* 1/4&quot; Die.&nbsp; This is used for threading the ends of the centering push-rods.
<br/>A cheap 1&quot; Step Drill can be had for less than $30.&nbsp; In case you&#39;'re not
sure, a step drill looks like this:</p>
<br/>Here&#39;'s a list of some other common tools you&#39;'re going to need:</p>
* Hacksaw -or- a pipe cutter.&nbsp; Pipe cutters work better for cutting EMT.
* Drill
* Drill Bits - 1/4&quot; " and 13/64&quot;"
* Pop-Rivet gun
* Jig Saw, Band Saw or a Scroll Saw
<br/><br/>Now the first thing you&#39;re going to need to do is pop out all the knock-outs
in the electrical box and then drill out the ends using the 1&quot; Step Drill.&nbsp;
The hole needs to be large enough to accept the threaded portion of the 3/4&quot; EMT
connector.&nbsp; When you&#39;re done, the box should look like this:</p><pbr/><img alt="Prepped gimbal box" src="br/>[[file:prepped_box.jpg" width="400" height="307" ]]<br/><br/p>
<p>Next up, you&#39;re going to have to use your vice grips (2 pair if you have
them!) to position the 3&quot; &quot;T&quot; bracket on the side of the extension box.&nbsp;
The best way to do this is to measure 1-1/2&quot; in from the end of the &quot;top&quot; of the

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