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Gimbal Project

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simulator cockpit.
This is what Jentron developed:<br/>
As you can see, it&#39;s very simple and uses easily obtainable off the shelf
hardware.&nbsp; In fact, this particular example was built entirely from the
resources of his local Ace Hardware.
<pbr/>I&#39;ve named his original gimbal design the &quot;Mark I&quot; to differentiate it from
the design I&#39;m using - but they&#39;re both built from essentially the same
components.<br/p><p>Here is what I call the Jentron Gimbal, Mk II:<br/p><p><img alt="Jentron Gimbal, Mark II" src="[[file:jentron_mk2-1.jpg" width="640" height="426" />]]<br/p> <pbr/>As you can see, the design elements from the Mk I design are present here with a couple notable changes.</p>
<li>The pitch axis bearings are two separate components.</li>

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