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Project Rembrandt

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Geometry Stage
#Diffuse color buffer, modified with gl_FragData[1].rgb, will hold the unshaded color of the fragment, usually modulating the material diffuse+ambient color with the texture map. Diffuse color from environment mapping should also go here.
#Specular color, modified with gl_FragData[2].rgb, and specular shininess in gl_FragData[2].a, will retain the specular color of the fragment.
#Emission color, modified with gl_FragData[3].rgbIn anyway, don't use gl_FragColor as it is incompatible with MRT (Multi Render Target) and would affect the three four last buffers with the same value. In that case, the model will glow (emission buffer initialized) and parts will disappear at certain view angles because normals are not initialized properly.
=== Additional light pass ===

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