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Es/FlightGear Newsletter March 2011

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Simulador 747 a escala real
The FG hosting machine is a quad-core Intel I5 with 4GB memory and three nVidia 9400GT graphics. Running FG on a single core produces a frame rate of 28fps using SDL and around 30fps with glut-3.7 with [[3D clouds]] enabled. A higher frame rate of 60-65fps is possible running three instances of fgfs on each core and using the internal localhost socket; however you lose the ability to sync features such as [[AI traffic]], clouds, or [[multiplayer]] aircraft.
La máquina FG hosting es un Intel Quad-Core I5 con 4GB de memoria y gráficos nVidia 9400GT tres. Ejecución de FG con un solo núcleo produce una velocidad de 28fps con SDL y alrededor de 30 fps con exceso-3.7 con [[3D clouds|nubes3D]] habilitado. A mayor velocidad de cuadro de 60-65fps es posible ejecutar tres instancias de FGF en cada núcleo y el uso de la toma de localhost internos, pero se pierde la capacidad de sincronizar las características tales como [[el AI traffic|tráfico AI]], las nubes, o [[multiplayer|multijugador]] aviones.
More info and pictures about the build process are available at [http://www.lfstech.com John's website] and the [http://flightgear.org/Projects/747-JW/ FlightGear website].

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