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TerraGear GUI

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*'''Home-made airports:''' if you created an airport in [[TaxiDraw]], just use the .dat file that you exported.
Use the button to browse to the .dat file of your choice. If you only want to create the scenery for a specific airport you can enter the ICAO name into the relevant field. By default, only airports within the specified boundaries will be processed.  If you do not enter any information in any of check the boxescheckbox to "Process all airports", the tool will run through the entire apt.dat file, which can take a long (!) time when using the default apt.dat from FlightGear.
=== OGR Decode ===
'''Note: with recent TerraGear builds, it is required to add the used material-names to the default_priorities.txt file.'''
The fgfs-construct tool brings all your gathered data together, throws it in a washing machine and spits it out the otherside in a format ready for use with FlightGear. Click the "Update list" button to populate the field with all decoded shapefiles. In the list you select all types that you'd like to include in your scenery.
After clicking the "Generate scenery" button, it may take a long time for TerraGear to finish. Depending on the size of the area you are creating the scenery for and the level of detail in your shapefiles. Simple and small sceneries will take a couple of minutes, where larger, more detailed areas can take over an hour! So trying new things on small areas first will save you a lot of time.
=== Running the scenery ===The folders and files in your project's <tt>output/</tt> directory are ready to use as scenery. You can set the [[$FG_SCENERY|scenery path ]] of FlightGear to this directory to check if the scenery is generated correctly.  '''Note:''' If you generated sceneryairports, you must copy the files [ICAO].btg.gz file(s) from <tt>{project's directory}/work/AirportObj/</tt> to the corresponding directories in <tt>{project's directory}/output/Terrain</tt>.
== GUI development ==
The current source code can be retrieved [ from Gitorious].
Feel free to add feature requests and/or bug reports to this page. Anyone interested in helping is invited to contact Gijs at the forum.
=== Requested features ===
* Visual map for boundary selection.
* Resizable window.
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