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Es/FlightGear Newsletter March 2011

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Hawker Tempest
==== Hawker Tempest ====
[[File:TempestV.png|thumb|Progress to date on the Avances hasta la fecha en el Tempest.]]Work on the [[Hawker Tempest]] continues but painfully slowly:
[[Archivo:. TempestV.png | thumb | Avances hasta la fecha en la tempestad]]El trabajo en el [[Hawker tempestadTempest]] continúa, pero muy lentamente:
* '''Modelo Dinámico de Vuelo:''' there is contemporary performance data [http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/tempest/tempest-V.html] and detailed dimensions available, but no aerodynamic data. This is what YASim was intended for. However, it turns out that YASim does not like high powered, high performance propellor aircraft. When fed realistic data YASim produces a near supersonic solution. However, testing and tuning over 2 weeks has produced an output which closely matches the published data, even if the input data look somewhat bizarre. The Tempest could approach the compressibilty region in a dive. Its operating handbook specifically limited its performance envelope to avoid this, but it might be a useful future extension to add a bit of transonic drag.

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