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FlightGear Git: splitting FGData

575 bytes added, 19:58, 11 December 2011
Some answers for HHS's questions
But with that there are lot of rules with exceptions. From my daily real life job I do know, that many rules with exceptions may make things more complicated and provoke discussions and conflicts.
So my question is: How can we see that "a reasonable level of competence in both aircraft development and GIT usage" is there? Does he has to be checked? Which level of competence is needed for making an aircraft?
(some answers from TorstenD)
I'd define "reasonable level of competence" for GIT as "be able be familiar with the basic everyday GIT workflow". If [ everyday git] is understandable, I'd say OK.
And for aircraft development: Be able to stay in your sandbox, don't mess with other's files, be able to reuse existing (common) files, create reasonable file sizes, accept naming conventions etc. Most important: nobody is perfect, but be able to fix what you broke ;-)
(hvengel comments)
It is good to see that the existing rules are finally formalized, so we get a clear guideline.
It is also good to see that people should be more encouraged to submit merge requests. But this also means that those with commit rights should be more encouraged to review those merge requests and commit them!

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