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Aircraft maintenance

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Some [[Bugs|bugfixes ]] and improvements require [[aircraft ]] to be adapted/fixed to remain airworthy, to be working correctly, or to be taking full advantage of latest [[FlightGear ]] version. The following ''Airworthiness Directives'' and ''Aviation Maintenance Alerts'' issued by the ''FlightGear Aviation Administration'' (FAA) should be considered for aircraft maintenance (A/B/C/D checks).
== JSBSim ==
=== Deprecated engine properties "egt_degc" and "egt_degf" ===
Properties will be removed with a future [[JSBSim]]/FlightGear version. Replace "_" with "-", i.e. use:
== FlightRecorder ==
{{Main article|Instant Replay}}
The default FlightGear flight recorder matches propeller/piston aircraft only. For >= FG2.6.0 the correct flight recorder configuration file matching the aircraft type should be selected. It is also possible to add custom properties.
== Rating System ==
{{Main article|Formalizing Aircraft Status}}A new status rating system was introduced. Aircraft ratings should be encoded in the aircraft -set.xml file from where they are be picked up by launchers like FGRun, web pages etc. See [[Formalizing Aircraft Status]].

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