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Professional and educational FlightGear users

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== Universities ==
* The '''University of NapelsNaples''', Italy used Flightgaer in a six degrees of freedom (6dof) motion simulator, serving as a research and training tool.<ref>http://wpage.unina.it/agodemar/DSV-DQV/AIAA_MST_2007_DeMarco_Coiro_Nicolosi_paper.pdf</ref>
* '''University of Illinois''' at Urbana Champaign. FlightGear is providing a platform for icing research for the Smart Icing Systems Project. <ref>http://www.aae.uiuc.edu/sis/mainpapers.html</ref>
* '''Simon Fraser University''', British Columbia Canada. Portions of FlightGear were used in simulation to develop the needed control algorithms for an autonomous aerial vehicle.

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