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Howto:Place 3D objects with the UFO

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'''Placing 3D objects inside Flightgear scenery using the UFO'''
''Roberto Inzerillo robicd at gmx dot net''
''Flightgear v.0.9.10''
A very useful tool for placing objects within the scenery, created by Melchior Franz, is available with Flightgear 0.9.10 and later. It is an addon to the UFO aircraft which allows a user to place a new (or old) 3D object at any arbitrary location in the scenery with just a few clicks of the mouse.
 Let's say we want to position the catii-iii.xml object at the end of a taxiway. We stop the UFO just above this intersection and press the M key, a Select Model window will open up where the contents of the Flightgear/data/Models/ directory will be shown. Browse this list until you find find Select your model, then select itfrom this list, then close the window. The selected model path/name will be display in green text at the bottom left of the FlightGear screen.
Now you may point the mouse on the scenery ground and left-click again, the CAT II/III ground marking model will be positioned there. Of course, it does not have the correct orientation and it's partly covered by the surrounding terrain, but we can adjust that.
Now that the model is correctly positioned, press the 'd' D key to dump the model position data to the terminal. A few lines will be printed on the console, providing the necessary orientation data. You will save those coordinates into a scenery objects file in the next step. If you don't do that, next time you run Flightgear it will know nothing about the new object.
In the terminal window, you get three sections printed out by the UFO with very detailed information about what's going on, we need the line at the end.
e000n50/e008n50/3089154.stg is the secenery object file where this object's coordinates have to be saved. The default place where to find e000n50 directory is inside Flightgear/data/Scenery/Objects/ dir. You just open the 3089154.stg file with any text editor, add the following line and save it the file:
OBJECT_SHARED Models/Tabu/catii-iii.xml 8.57928135 50.03667992 105.9972 111.1
Now you have your object's position saved, and it will appear inside the scenery every time you start Flightgear.

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