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To help newly registered users get more familiar with the wiki (and maybe older users too) there is now a {{Welcome to the wiki}} template. Have a look at it and feel free to add it to new users discussion pages (and perhaps your own).

I have tried to keep the template short, but meaningful. /Johan G


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[http://maps.google.com Google Maps] and the [[MPMap|FlightGear Online Map for multiplayers]] are both good resources as well as the FlightGear [http://fgfs.i-net.hu/modules/fgplanner/ Community Flight Planner].
== Getting Help 获取帮助 ==
=== Chat 在线聊天 ===The quickest way to get help with FlightGear is to join in the chat room 获得FlightGear帮助的最快捷方式是加入 [[FlightGear IRC channel|FlightGear IRC 聊天室]].
=== Email Discussion Group 电子邮件讨论小组 ===The documentation for FlightGear is sketchy and undergoing constant change as new features are developed. This makes chat the best place to find answers to problems getting FlightGear to run.FlightGear的帮助文档目前比较粗略,而且随着新的功能的开发,文档将不断被改变。这使得聊天成为寻找解决运行FlightGear时有关问题的答案的最佳方式。
=== Documents 帮助文档 ===The ways for users to get help with FlightGear are:以下是几种获取FlightGear帮助的方式:
* Documents bundled with the release package.发行安装包中自带的帮助文档;* [http://flightgear.org/forums FlightGear Forum论坛]* [[FlightGear IRC channel|FlightGear IRC 聊天室]]* [[Malinglists|FlightGear users mailing list用户邮件列表]].
== Getting More Detailed Information ==

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