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Release plan

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howto change the version number
##Merge the branch release/2.4.0 into '''master''' (<u>'''NOT'''</u> next) for flightgear and simgear
##:We don't have a next branch for fgdata, no merging of the release branch here.
=== To bump up the version number ===
* fgdata
** edit the ''version'' file
* SimGear
** edit the ''version'' file
* FlightGear
** edit the ''version'' file
** edit ''CMakeLists.txt''
**: change the line '''find_package(SimGear 2.5.0 REQUIRED)'''
** edit ''src/Main/main.cxx''
**: change the line '''static char required_version[] = "2.5.0";'''
=== Definition of Stream States ===

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