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FlightGear Newsletter April 2011

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FlyingClub Mayday 1
The scenario was based around the idea that pilots should have basic skills in addition to merely flying with an autopilot, and was designed to test both their actual flying ability by not having airports at their destinations, and providing no actual navigational data beyond a map or two. They were required to map their routes in territory unknown to them, then fly those routes in their chosen aircraft, land, report in, then return to CYAV to complete a "cycle." Points were awarded for cycle completion, and points deducted for aircraft crashes. FG Seg faults were not penalized.
Comments back about the operation from pilots have so far been positive. Watch the [ Multiplayer Forums] for the next one; there will be one, but at this the time of writing, it has not yet been decided.
* [[FlightGear Flying Club]]

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